Weddings and Venue Hire

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For all bookings, please contact the Facilities Manager


The Deck

The Deck is a unique venue for any event. It is popular for weddings and hosts regular music nights attracting artists from all over Australia. This covered and partially enclosed area is great for meetings, presentations, dining, markets, concerts, dancing and small scale theatrical performances.
PA and lighting are available for hire, and package options are available with Kitchen and the Green hire.


The Kitchen

The Cooperative’s commercial kitchen is located at the Village Green and is fully equipped for large scale catering. As well as regular use as a cafe for events on the green, it is a popular choice for catering for gigs, weddings, and courses. 

The newly refurbished Kitchen (which is registered with the Sunshine Coast Regional Council) is equipped with 2 LUUS GAS 6 burner 900mm ovens, ample preparation areas (stainless steel bench tops), serving area, pantry area, cool room, 2 refrigerators, 2 freezers, wash up areas and steriliser.

The kitchen area is 52.2 square metres. Some basic cooking utensils are supplied (pots/pans, urn, crockery/cutlery) with the kitchen and caterers using the facility are advised to bring their own kit to ensure they are adequately equipped for their needs.

The kitchen is housed in a multipurpose building with a covered eating dining area (The Deck), two side rooms (approx 34 square metres each) and an adjacent toilet area (two Male, two Female). 

The Green 

It is a perfect scenario to create your own style and theme party! 

Through the years, we hosted many festivals, gatherings and weddings.

Usually, come as a package with the kitchen and the deck.
Partnerships with musicians and events organisers are welcome! 


The Carousel at Crystal WatersCarousel

A circular building based around a central support pole, it was built for yoga classes and it is perfect for small gatherings and workshops.
It is the ideal location for more private meetings, but still only a short walk from the Village Green and Eco Caravan park.



Sunlight filters through the trees on the river flats at Crystal WatersA misty sunrise over the paddocks at Crystal WatersPaddocks

Right next to the Village Green, the Paddocks are around five acres of fertile river flats. They are currently lightly agisted with horses, and have previously been used for organic dairy cows & free range egg production. Any proposed use would need to be organic (no petrochemical pesticides or fertilisers). Stock would need to undergo a quarantine period in the quarantine paddock prior to entering the property, to prevent introduction of weeds & diseases.

Contact Information

For all bookings, please contact the Facilities Manager