Health and Wellbeing

Leaves cover driftwood on the bank of the Mary River in Crystal WatersCrystal Waters is a haven for those seeking any form of healing. Its beautiful bush setting and tranquility ensures recuperation and rest.

This unique permaculture village attracts gifted therapists from all walks of life, who truly walk their talk. Many of our residents eat healthy, wholesome foods and practise some form of therapy or massage.

Crystal Waters - a great place to get a different perspective on life

We have a couple of health retreat centres, we offer yoga classes and workshops, we have healers and masseurs working privately or at the markets, and host the Wellness Fest, a health festival held once a year in October.

Whether learning a new skill, or just taking time for some well deserved pampering, Crystal Waters is a great place to take another step in improving your health and wellbeing.

Wholistic Healing & Naturopathy
Bruce Gibson ND.
(07) 5494 4701
Personal in-depth Healing sessions. Wellness education.
Home and Health Feng Shui Consultancy

Richard Giles
(07) 5435 0158
Richard provides a Feng Shui service assessing your home, land or business property and looks at the feng shui aspects of design, layout, location and colours to suit your particular makeup and your home or business needs.  He also looks at the earth energies of the property using dowsing techniques and whether those energies support what you are doing. He is an astrologer and counsellor and can do readings for business, life goals, relationships and new children in the family.
PRIORA – Future Directions and Priorities Guidance
Richard Mochelle
(07) 5435 0378
How on Earth do we decide what is most worth doing with our limited valuable time? How do we decide our priorities? PRIORA is a philosophy-based guidance service to help individuals think more clearly about their time-use priorities in consideration of what they figure is most important and ethically meaningful for them given the myriad and overwhelming challenges in the world. The service is not a career guidance service nor a form of psychological counselling for troubled souls. With a doctorate in moral and political philosophy and experience in futures education, Richard Mochelle has developed tools to help individuals self-build a coherent platform of guiding principles enabling them to more rationally decide and justify their time-use commitments – their organisational involvements, lifestyle choices, project or service priorities and future partners.
Janet Goodrich Method of Natural Vision Improvement (07) 5494 4888
You can learn to see clearly without glasses, contact lenses or surgery. The whole person approach of the Janet Goodrich Method teaches physical activities to improve the flexibility and movement of the muscles and lens of the eyes, reconnecting the eyes and brain, and addressing the underlying causes of refractive error.  Natural Vision Improvement is effective for myopia (short-sightedness), hyperopia (long-sightedness), astigmatism and presbyopia (over-40’s reading blur). Sign up to the email newsletter at our website and receive a complimentary 30 minute vision improvement audio lesson.
Sole to Soul Reflexology
Sidonie Bouchet
(07) 5435 0448
Through the medium of Reflexology, Spiritual Counsellor Sidonie Bouchet connects with your Higher Self, enabling you to remember and fulfil your ultimate purpose, your Soul Purpose. Sole to Soul Reflexology begins with the ritual of foot washing. Your higher self is contacted at the commencement of the session to ensure that you get the most out of your reflexology. Then all glands, organs and bodily parts are stimulated with reflexology to relieve stress and tension, improve nerve and blood supply, balance and normalize body functions, cleanse impurities and toxins from the body, restore and balance the body’s energy flow, assist the body’s self-healing abilities, and help you realign with your higher self. Energy channeled from Source is transferred to the patient during the session. A Colour Chakra Rebalance using a quartz colour torch is also available.
Holistic Healing and Coaching for Women
Izabella Siodmak
Lot 51
(07) 5494 4558
As a therapist, writer & health retreat founder, Izabella has facilitated hundreds of clients through the 1-on-1 mental and emotional wellness retreat, guiding them to reconnect to their deepest self. Years of consistently outstanding results have been refined into an accelerated transformative process where now, she offers you 3 to 4 hour Holistic Healing & Coaching sessions that cut to the core of any presenting issues.

Izabella works intuitively to assist you in releasing obstacles cognitively, emotionally, energetically & through the body so that you arrive at your peaceful centre…able to clearly hear your inner guidance, feel the truth in your heart and live a fulfilling, abundant life. Izabella also runs the Natural Attitudes Health Retreat.

Yoga Classes
Lottie Freyee
(07) 5313 7756


Yoga Classes held regularly at Maleny Showground