The Crystal Waters Community includes a range of ethically run micro-businesses and tradespeople.
For information on any of the services below, please contact the owner directly.

Note: The following List is currently being reviewed & added to, please return next month!

Bernard's wood-fired sourdough Bakery
(previously Les)

Village Green, Crystal Waters: Open Saturday mornings

Also Wednesday Evenings PIZZA night

(07) 5494 4779

A great range of sourdough Breads and baked goodies! top quality tasty Breads baked in a wood-fired Oven at Crystal Waters.

Somatic Psychotherapy Sessions & Private Retreats
Izabella Siodmak

(07) 5494 4558

We will be using a combination of talk therapy and specific body techniques and movements from the Somatic Psychotherapy modality to help you access emotions that have been trapped and impacting how you feel and function. Somatic Psychotherapy is especially beneficial for:

* completing trauma in the body that has not been integrated
* building ego strength & tolerance to assist coping with overwhelming emotions & situations
* correcting developmental deficits that negatively impact how you relate with self and others
* developing alternative & healthier ways to respond beyond your characteristic defenses
* accessing and living more of your wholesome, purposeful, integrated, connected self

Izabella is also a trained Exceptional Marriage Mentor who facilitates effective embodied couples work. Bookings essential. For a more concentrated journey register for a private 3 day 1 on 1 Emotional Wellness Retreat or the 4 day Revitalising Love Retreat for couples.

The Spindle Shop
Malcolm Fielding & Jory Freyee

Malcolm Fielding has been making an extensive range of wood-turned hand spindles for many years and is now joined by Jory Freyee who's been trained in this Artisan products. The Spindles are Made With Care and precision from top quality materials in the Crystal Waters workshop. Styles are many and include drop spindles, supported spindles and more.

Please note that the business is a mail/internet order one only and visits are strictly by appointment. Tuition in spindle making is also possible. To contact him use the contact form on his website or on his shopfront.

Tom's Wildlife Management Service
Tom Nealson
(07) 5494 4590

Tom's Wildlife Management Service offers unique management solutions for people with native wildlife problems. Services include the trapping and relocation of Brush-Turkeys, Magpies, Butcher Birds and native rodents, such as Antichinus and Bush-Rats. From pesky possums to the Brush Turkey scratching up your garden, Tom has solutions to help manage these problems. Give Tom a call for a full assessment of your wildlife problems.

Sybil's Violin Tuition
Sybil MacLure
(07) 5494 4590

Classically trained as a child, and more recently fiddling with gypsy, folk & contemporary bands, Syb has 17 years of  violin playing experience. Syb enjoys sharing her love of the instrument & passion for playing with beginners old & young. A one hour lesson costs $20.00. Instruments available for hire, $10/month.

E.V.E. (Eco-Village Enterprises)
(07) 5494 4707
Eco-Village and Garden Tours, Gardens of Shapes and Symbols, Kitscape, Books, Products and Resources for Permaculture, Education and Training - courses and consultancy, Empowerment courses and experiences.
Dynamic Groups
Earthcare Education
Robin Clayfield
(07) 5494 4707
Permaculture, Creative Facilitation and 'Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning' Courses, Books, CD and kits and resources for teachers and permaculture folks.
Website Development, Design & Marketing
Bruce Gibson
(07) 5313 4019

All Website Services, Design & Hosting, Smart Marketing.

This Website hosted & maintained by Bruce Gibson of Digital Organics website design


PRIORA - Future Directions and Priorities Guidance
Richard Mochelle
(07) 5435 0378

How on Earth do we decide what is most worth doing with our limited valuable time? How do we decide our priorities? PRIORA is a philosophy-based guidance service to help individuals think more clearly about their time-use priorities in consideration of what they figure is most important and ethically meaningful for them given the myriad and overwhelming challenges in the world. The service is not a career guidance service nor a form of psychological counselling for troubled souls. With a doctorate in moral and political philosophy and experience in futures education, Richard Mochelle has developed tools to help individuals self-build a coherent platform of guiding principles enabling them to more rationally decide and justify their time-use commitments – their organisational involvements, lifestyle choices, project or service priorities and future partners.

Portuguese and Spanish Language Services
Ilana Cowan
(07)5494 4842
NAATI qualified certified translator an interpreter.
Essensual Portraits
Susie Foster
(07)5435 0158
The human face can tell so many different stories of life experiences and journeys, of deeper hidden emotions, I like to go beyond the stuck emotions of the mask that many of us present and move in deeper.  Through my portraits I aim to show you your inherent qualities and 'essensual self' to encourage and support you in your life process.  Peeling back the outer layers I intuitively draw forth aspects of the multi-coloured, infinitely wise and loving souls that we are.
Ecological Solutions Pty Ltd.
Max Lindegger
(07) 5494 4741

Pioneering the design and development of sustainable human environments and permaculture since 1979. 

(under review)= Design and implementation of sustainable integrated living systems.  Effective environmental education courses.  Proven project management.  Solution orientated approach appropriate to cultural and ecological needs.  Practical experience provided globally.

Honey: Crystal Waters Raw Honey
Selling: Honey, Beeswax candles, Bee gear for beginners
Offering : Beekeeping Workshops

Wholistic Wellness Life Coaching
Bruce Gibson ND.
(07) 53134019

Wellness education.

Goodrich Method of Natural Vision Improvement
(07)5494 4888
You can learn to see clearly without glasses, contact lenses or surgery. The whole person approach of the Janet Goodrich Method teaches physical activities to improve the flexibility and movement of the muscles and lens of the eyes, reconnecting the eyes and brain, and addressing the underlying causes of refractive error.  Natural Vision Improvement is effective for myopia (short-sightedness), hyperopia (long-sightedness), astigmatism and presbyopia (over-40's reading blur). Sign up to the email newsletter at our website and receive a complimentary 30 minute vision improvement audio lesson.
Home and Health Feng Shui Consultancy
Richard Giles

(07) 5435 0158

Richard provides a Feng Shui service assessing your home, land or business property and looks at the feng shui aspects of design, layout, location and colours to suit your particular makeup and your home or business needs. He also looks at the earth energies of the property using dowsing techniques and whether those energies support what you are doing. He is an astrologer and counsellor and can do readings for business, life goals, relationships and new children in the family.
Sustainability Education and Ecological Design
Morag Gamble and Evan Raymond

Permaculture design and advice. Permaculture Courses and Workshops. Permaculture tours. Permaculture gardening with young children. Permaculture Camps for Schools.