Solar Energex Vote


The straw poll is to demonstrate whether there is community support to accept the Energex offer.  This offer is non-binding and is simply an acceptance of the potential to connect to the Energex power grid which allows Crystal Waters twelve (12) months to complete our due diligence and explore fully all the aspects of a potential solar farm project.


Please Vote by  TUESDAY  25 SEPTEMBER

You can also simply ring us to vote if you wish –   

Rens:   54 944 883  or  Ian D:  54 350 163

OR  email and provide the required information to: /


NOTE:  Acceptance of this vote simply puts Crystal Waters in the queue with Energex of those wishing to supply large amounts of power to the grid. For the Board to proceed to accept the Energex offer, a large majority of voters would need to vote in support. We may follow up with a phone call or email.